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Law School Develops the New Party Course of "Always Follow the Party and Build a Chinese Dream"
DATE: 2019-03-07   SOURCE: 永利国际yl888娱乐场   VIEWS:

In order to make the 2018 freshmen strengthen their understanding of the Party and enhance their ideological and political awareness, on March 6, 2019, the Law School launched a special freshman party course entitled "Always Follow the Party and Build a Chinese Dream" in 22206. This party lesson is taught by Mr. Wang Yongnan, deputy director of the Guangong Committee of the Law School of Jiangnan University and Secretary of the Fourth Party Branch of Longshan Retirement Office.

Mr. Wang focused on "What kind of party is the Communist Party of China?" And "How to Become an Excellent Communist Party Member?" Questions, analysis and elaboration are conducted on the two major issues. Classroom discussions are intense and the atmosphere is active. He pointed out that the Communist Party of China, armed with Marxist scientific theory, is a party for the people, ruling for the people, serving the people wholeheartedly, a party organized in accordance with democratic centralism and strict discipline, a party with Communist lofty ideals and courage to self-revolutionize, and an advanced member of the Chinese working class, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. A pioneer team.

At the same time, he narrated the historical leap of the Sinicization of Marxism and the spiritual essence and rich connotation of Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era. He proposed that the younger generation should be firmly based on ideals and beliefs, build a solid spiritual foundation, and take the new atmosphere as a new responsibility to express youth. Combining heroic deeds and outstanding party members'deeds, Mr. Wang pointed out that "in order to become a qualified Communist Party member, we should strengthen the study of Marxist scientific theory, strengthen the cultivation and exercise of Party spirit, improve political consciousness and ability, actively approach the Party organization, and be willing to take the lead, be able to take the lead and take the lead." At the same time, we should clarify the five abilities and five core qualities that contemporary college students should cultivate, encourage students to cultivate learning ability, ideological ability, practical ability, innovation ability, communication and cooperation ability, and strictly require themselves according to the "five good" criteria, so as to achieve firm stand, good political quality, hard struggle, good ideological style, diligent study, good work performance, abide by Party discipline and fulfill obligations. Good, willing to contribute, good service to the masses, and strive for early membership of the Party.

After the successful completion of the party lesson, the students not only learned the theoretical knowledge of the party, but also made the students clear the direction of their efforts. I believe that 2018 students can take this party lesson as an opportunity to be more strict with themselves, strive to align themselves with the Party organizations, and strive to become a qualified Communist Party member.

Speech by Secretary Wang Yongnan

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