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Law School held a symposium on the theme of "Learning from General Secretary Xi Jinping's Important Speech at the Congress Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up"
DATE: 2019-01-10   SOURCE: 永利国际yl888娱乐场   VIEWS:

On January 9, 2019, the League Branch of Class 1602 of Law School and the retired Fourth Party Branch of Longshan University of Law held a symposium on the theme of "Learning the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Congress Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up". Wang Yongnan, the retired Secretary of the Fourth Party Branch of Longshan, Wang Chongying, the organizing member of the branch, Huang Mingming, the propaganda member of the branch, and Hu Bo, the Secretary of the branch committee of the Law School attended the meeting, which was chaired by Fu Chunquan, the Secretary of the branch of the 1602 League of Law.

Firstly, from the perspective of economic, social, scientific, technological and cultural changes after the reform and opening-up, Fan Yuchen, Gao Zixin, Chen Yao, Chen Jiawei and other students of Law 1602 classes described the depth of theoretical learning, the thinking of professional learning and the changes of campus life. They also described how to understand and feel the gratifying changes since the reform and opening-up through their own learning and communication with their parents, and exchanged views with other countries. Family prosperity, cultural heritage and economic take-off experience. Then, Wang Yongnan, the retired Secretary of the Fourth Party Branch of Longshan, exchanged his learning experience from three perspectives: the embodiment of "four great resolutions", "the great revolution promoted the great leap", "reform and opening-up is a relay race". He proposed that reform and opening-up broke through the idea of "two whatsoever". He also broke through the highly centralized rigid system and established the idea of seeking truth from facts and in line with it. The road of national conditions affirms the epochal characteristics of peace and development; Wang Chongying, member of the branch organization, expresses with deep emotion that "reform and opening-up is a seeder" is another milestone in the great rejuvenation of our country; Huang Mingming, member of the branch propaganda committee, recalls his true feelings as a college student during the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee in 1978, and expresses his feelings as a witness, witness and witness. The pride of the participants. Finally, Hu Bo, Secretary of the branch committee of the Law School, combined with his deep thinking on the important expression of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "reform has gone through thousands of mountains and rivers, but it still needs to travel through mountains and rivers". Our country's reform has entered the deep water area. As a contemporary student, we should take part in, build and promote it with a new vision, solid knowledge and excellent ability. She encourages young students of the Law School. We should only consolidate our professional knowledge, pay more attention to social development and shoulder the important task of building our motherland and rejuvenating our nation.

This activity has made young students of law school feel the rapid development and historic changes of the country since the reform and opening-up 40 years ago. They have also realized the sincere feelings of the old Party members to pay attention to the development of the country and the growth of students. Law school will continue to promote the function of ideological guidance, theory internalization, professional learning and practice in the process of Party-League co-construction, and insist on the overall intention of training. Knowledge, family and country feelings and sense of historical responsibility of the youth of the age!

On-site Party and League Co-construction Exchange Meeting of Law School