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Academic Report
What we found so far on intergenerational co-creation
DATE: 2019-02-27   SOURCE: 永利国际yl888娱乐场   VIEWS:

Lecture time: March 8, 2019 13:30-15:00 p.m. Lecture venue: Law School B107 Conference Room Welcome interested teachers and students to come to listen! Introduction to the Lecture of Law School on February 27, 2019: "Social Technology Research and Development Center", as a subsidiary organ of the Japanese Institute of Science and Technology, has long attached importance to solving social problems through interdisciplinary research. At present, four research fields and two plans have been formed. "Sustainable social design through intergenerational co-creation" is one of them. This lecture will focus on the selection process, development, research issues, keywords, policy implications and future cooperation directions of 16 intergenerational projects funded by the Institute of Social Sciences and Technology in this field, aiming at providing an intergenerational perspective for building a sustainable society. At the same time, I hope to take this opportunity to discuss with the teachers and students of Jiangnan University the benefits of intergenerational projects and the practical experience of China. Speaker's Brief Introduction: Male, Doctor of Economics, Oxford University, former Chairman of APEC Economic Committee and Policy Adviser of Cabinet Office of Japan, Member of Statistical Committee of Cabinet Office of Japan and Chairman of Statistical Standards Committee, and now Chairman of Research Group on Quality of Life and Satisfaction Indicators of Cabinet Office of Japan, Chairman of Japan Science and Technology Department "Designing Sustainable Society through Intergenerational Co-creation" He is the regional director of the research group and publishes monographs such as Japanese Economic Books, Social Capital and Economy, Environmental and Energy Economics, etc.