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Academic Report
Promoting Four Projects to Build a Joint Force for Educating People
DATE: 2019-01-17   SOURCE: 永利国际yl888娱乐场   VIEWS:

On the morning of January 16, the Summary Report Meeting on the Work of the Guan Gong Committee of the Law School was held in the A316 Conference Room of the Law School. Yang Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, Zhang Huiqi, Wang Yongnan of the Guan Gong Committee, Qian Xuan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Hu Bo, Secretary of the Branch Committee, and Pa Zhidanmu, counselor, attended the Summary Report Meeting, which was chaired by Zhang Huiqi and reported. First of all, Vice Secretary Zhang Huiqi summarized the work of the Guan Gong Committee of the Law School in 2018. She reviewed, combed and reflected on the work of the Guan Gong Committee last year from the four education projects implemented by the Guan Gong Committee. She pointed out that, with the joint efforts of all the members of the College's Committee of Closure and Work, the work of the Committee of Closure and Work of Law College has achieved good results in 2018. Old and young people work hand in hand and work together to implement the idea of "Organizational Care Project" to guide growth, implement the "Learning Care Project" to integrate resources and promote progress, implement the "Life Care Project" to serve and educate people, and implement the "Employment Care Project". Many measures have been taken to help the development, and all the work has been carried forward smoothly. Three first and second prizes have been awarded for the thematic essay solicitation activities sponsored by the School Customs and Industry Committee, and excellent instructors and organizations have been awarded. Comrade Wang Yongnan of the Customs and Industry Committee has also been awarded the honorary title of "the 100 best members of the Legality Report Troupe of the Provincial Customs and Industry Committee and Vice-Principal of the Rule of Law" jointly issued by Jiangsu Provincial Custom Subsequently, Secretary Yang Jie made a summary speech on the work of the Customs and Industry Committee in 2018 and the work plan for 2019. He pointed out that we should further improve the system and mechanism, stimulate ideological vitality, innovate working methods, make relevant work close to reality, life and students, and lay a foundation for the joint efforts of educating people in a way we like to hear and see; focus on professional characteristics, grasp resources, grasp typical examples, condense work content, use moral hall, party members'"1-to-N" contact system, etc., to set a benchmark, set a benchmark. Establish a model, build a distinctive brand of law school work; lead students, stimulate students'endogenous motivation, "let students themselves to educate themselves", and promote the scientific, epochal and targeted work of the Closing Committee of our college. Finally, Mr. Wang Yongnan put forward some suggestions on the work of the College's Closing Committee in 2019 in light of the work situation of the previous year. He pointed out that we should seize the historical node and, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic, train students'patriotic, patriotic and patriotic consciousness through a series of thematic educational activities jointly built by the Party and the League; cultivate and mobilize the backbone of students, carry out the work of the Customs Committee with high quality, and cultivate excellent talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence,

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