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The "Intergenerational Exchange of Experience and Academic Report" of Wuxi Aging Science Research Center was held in Jiangnan University
DATE: 2019-03-18   SOURCE: 永利国际yl888娱乐场   VIEWS:

Recently, the Symposium on Intergenerational Blending and Experience Exchange was held in Conference Room 316, School of Law, Jiangnan University. Takashi Omori, Regional Director of the Research Group "Sustainable Social Design through Intergenerational Co-creation", Eriko Inoue, Director of Planning and Operations Department, and Yasuyuki Maruyama, Director Investigator, and Beijing Representative Office of Japan Science and Technology Revitalization Agency were invited to attend the symposium. Six members, Li Qing, Vice Director of the Office of Wuxi Aging Committee, Zhang Xingtang, Wang Fang, Vice Dean of Law School of Jiangnan University, Yang Yunhui, Vice President of Wuxi Gerontology Society, and Zhao Xianghong, Professor of Wuxi Aging Science Research Center, participated in the symposium.

The theme of this symposium is "exchange of experience in intergenerational integration". Firstly, Japanese experts introduced the characteristics of population aging and the development of intergenerational co-creation activities in Japan. Then, Dr. Li Qiao, director of the Intergenerational Co-integration Center of Jiangnan University, Wuxi Ageing Science Research Center, introduced the details of current intergenerational co-integration activities in Wuxi from two aspects of implementation field and activity content. Practice. The two sides exchanged in-depth on the practical experience, research findings and promotion methods of intergenerational integration.

In the afternoon, in Conference Room B107 of Jiangnan University Law School, Professor Takashi Omori also gave an academic report on the discovery of intergenerational integration for teachers and students of Jiangnan University Law School. Shen Xiaobing, Director of Political Department of Wuxi Old Cadre Bureau, Wu Jiyi, Secretary-General of Jiangnan University Old Science Association, and more than 40 teachers and students of Jiangnan University Law School and Design College listened to the report. The report mentions that for a long time, Japan's "Social Technology Research and Development Center" has attached great importance to solving social problems through interdisciplinary research. At present, it has formed four research fields and two plans. "Sustainable social design through intergenerational co-creation" is one of the most important research fields. Professor Takashi Omori highlighted the selection process, development, research issues, keywords, policy implications and future directions of cooperation of 16 intergenerational projects currently being supported by Japan, providing us with an intergenerational perspective for understanding and building a sustainable society. Professor Takashi Omori also discussed and exchanged with the teachers and students of Jiangnan University on the research and development of intergenerational projects.

Through this experience seminar with Japanese intergenerational experts, Japanese experts also invited members of Wuxi Aging Science Research Center to participate in the relevant academic conference held in Japan in September this year. Taking this opportunity, Wuxi's scientific research achievements on ageing have been disseminated to the outside world, and at the same time, it has promoted the international exchange and cooperation of intergenerational integration.

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Conference site

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